Culture Week Brings Distinguished Together in Ways that Surprise

Ask a Distinguished team member to name her or his favorite week of the year and you might be surprised at the answer.

Culture Week is lots of things to lots of people. A favorite work week? A chance to learn and grow? Intimidating to newcomers? Maybe. Meaningful and fun? Definitely!

When new employees start at Distinguished Programs, many aren’t sure what to expect when they’re invited to our annual Culture Week. This year’s convergence in Atlanta, Georgia, was attended by more than 100 of our awesome team members, and included not only seminars and workshops but a service project to create military care packages.

Simply put, Culture Week is an opportunity for our many departments to get together to share, learn, and grow—to build a deeper connection to Distinguished’s core mission and values. A special highlight this year was the opportunity to learn about the history of our leadership team and how each leader got to where he or she is today.

You name it— there was team-building, planning for the year, and bonding with co-workers both near and far. Employees got the chance to do improv acting in one class, and learn about preserving personal energy levels in another. Teams were created to represent Distinguished’s brand attributes: Innovation, Heart, Integrity, Camaraderie, Collaboration, and Determination. There was a banner competition for the creative folks, a series of athletic games, and even some brainy tournaments. It’s not at every company that you will find yourself matched up with a senior executive to compete in an obstacle course!

Before wrapping up the week, attendees spent the final night enjoying a heartfelt tribute to Andy Potash, the founder of Distinguished Programs. Andy’s vision and impact on Distinguished Programs has made it what it is today. Memories were shared as well as gratitude for his commitment and creation of this fabulous company that many call home.

Ask a Distinguished employee after Culture Week how they would describe working for Distinguished and you may just be surprised at the answer!