Builder’s Risk Insurance Q&A with Brian Rauber of Capitol Agency

Learn how Brian Rauber of Capital Insurance Agency binds Builders’ Risk coverage in minutes with our best-in-class products and enticing pricing. Download the full Case Study here.

“It’s the perfect case scenario where I’ve got the price—and I’ve got the product that I can issue quickly. It’s literally a no-lose scenario for me. And in the sales world, that’s hard to come by.” – Brian Rauber, Senior Account Executive, Capitol Insurance Agency

Brian’s full testimonial of working with Distinguished (~2 min)

“The vast majority of the quotes I run are automatically approved and bindable through the online portal. Distinguished makes my job easy.”

Because Distinguished’s programs offer quick turnaround and are competitively priced, Brian says they sell themselves. We enjoyed speaking with Brian Rauber of Capitol Agency and learning how Distinguished has helped grow his Builder’s Risk portfolio.

Q: What was going on in your business that sent you looking for Distinguished?

A: Private money lenders come to me needing insurance tied up, so they can close out loans and fund their customers’ real estate projects. Builder’s Risk insurance is essential to them, as it safeguards their investment in the project, which can reach up to $5M.

They [other providers] just didn’t have the timeliness that my clients required. I didn’t have a relationship with the underwriters, so there was no sense of urgency on their end. This made it difficult for me to accommodate the needs of the lender and, in turn, the purchaser.

Q: What made those challenges so frustrating, or important to solve?

A: When I couldn’t close a quote quickly for my clients, it would keep the actual closing of the property sale from happening. So that was potentially a huge loss for both the buyer and the lender.

I knew that I needed a more competitive and quicker way to get my clients the insurance coverage they needed, but I didn’t know where to find it.

Q: Can you walk me through your experience with Distinguished?

A: Distinguished is a business that values your relationship.

Over time, I’ve gotten to know the underwriters and the regional manager. Having those personal relationships means I can speak to real people and get questions answered quickly, with no delay to my clients’ applications.

Want to read more about how Brian achieved double-digit YoY growth since working with Distinguished? Download the full Case Study here

Q: Can you share an example of a time Distinguished proved valuable to you?

A: A purchaser was looking to complete a $5M apartment complex renovation deal. They’d been working with another insurance agent, who’d taken five weeks to get a quote and they still didn’t have a bindable offer in place.

I worked with the underwriter and regional representative at Distinguished and we had a bindable quote for the client within 24 hours—and we issued the policy within 48!

Q: What did you like BEST about Distinguished?

A: With Distinguished, I have the perfect case scenario where I’ve got the price—and I’ve got a product that I can issue quickly. It’s literally a no-lose scenario for me. And in the sales world, that’s hard to come by. Distinguished makes my job easy!

Q: What is the most valuable thing Distinguished brings to the table, and why?

A: I can run a quote in five minutes and have a policy issued within 10. That’s critically important to both me, the lender, and the ultimate property purchaser. As soon as I have the thumbs up from a client that they want to bind the quote, all it takes is one click.

Q: What sort of impact have you seen from working with Distinguished?

A: I only write so much Builders’ Risk insurance because of Distinguished.

I get so many referrals because lenders and investors know that I can get them the closing documents incredibly quickly and they know that we’re offering their clients an incredibly competitive product. They know and trust me because of the product that I offer them from Distinguished Programs. And that’s gold for a broker.

Q: What have those results made possible for you?

A: Thanks to my relationship with Distinguished, I’ve created a niche within my metro area: I’m known as the go-to guy for Builders’ Risk insurance. A big part of how I market myself to my clients now is the fact that we can get them a policy issued in minutes. It’s a big differentiator for me and brings in a lot of new business.

Distinguished gets my foot in the door with new clients, which is huge from an insurance sales standpoint.

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