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Do Good and Raise Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness describes a target audience’s familiarity with and recognition of a brand and its products. Establishing brand awareness is essential, as it increases understanding, trust, and recollection of a company among target demographics — ultimately increasing sales.

Raising Brand Awareness Through Philanthropy

While there are many ways for brands to build awareness, from social media ads to in-person events, one method that has recently gained traction is building brand awareness through philanthropic efforts. 

In addition to giving back to the community, philanthropic efforts on behalf of brands also serve as a means of humanizing the business and boosting credibility. Customers are becoming conscious of not only what they are purchasing, but who they are purchasing from. Potential clients who see a business working with a particular organization are more likely to trust and engage with the brand, which they see as a contributor to the public good. Further, potential clients who are exposed to a brand through a philanthropic event are more likely to remember and/or seek out the brand when it comes time to make a purchase. 

There are several options for businesses looking to get involved in philanthropy:

Get Involved with Charitable Events

One common way that businesses work to build brand awareness through philanthropy is by either sponsoring, organizing, or attending a charitable event. The major benefit of this approach lies in its flexibility — commitments vary for brands depending on their availability of funding and time. Further, brands can either seek out a pre-existing event to get involved in or reach out to organizations directly to form a unique working partnership.

Volunteer with a Charitable Organization

Many brands elect to organize workers to volunteer for a particular cause or organization, often as part of a designated “Day of Service.” Such volunteer opportunities are beneficial to both organizations and brands. While the involved organization is provided with free labor, the brand is able to develop a favorable public opinion as it is seen dedicating time to the common good.

Sponsor a Local Team or Community Group

Another way that brands build awareness via philanthropy is by serving as a sponsor for local sports teams or community groups. Sponsorship often entails the presence of a brand’s logo on uniforms or marketing materials, so serving as a sponsor inherently exposes that brand to a particular audience. In other words, sponsorship often acts as a more benevolent form of advertising.

Share the Love

As with any other attempt to establish brand awareness, social media management is key. While brands can build awareness with those directly involved in their volunteer, sponsorship, or special events efforts, brands can further establish awareness and trust by sharing about their philanthropic experiences online. 

Though sharing these kinds of posts may feel disingenuous or self-promoting, it’s important to remember that these same posts are also building awareness for the cause or organization that the brand has chosen to support. As with all of the measures listed above, it’s a win-win situation.