Alert: New Online Process for NYC Boiler Inspections

Down deep in the basement is the heart of your building that keeps everything going: the boiler! Yearly boiler inspections are the law—and for good reason. But now those annual inspections in New York City must be submitted online. This new process, along with submitting yearly certificate fees, is now the only way to complete a boiler inspection with the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB).

If completed and approved inspections are not submitted via the DOB’s web portal, building owners could face fines and civil penalties for this violation. Even worse, skipping an annual inspection could result in ridiculously expensive repairs. A boiler breakdown can cause damage far beyond the thousands of dollars for new parts or even the cost of entirely replacing a boiler. If your boiler breaks down, causing property damage to the building or loss of operation for occupants, the costs quickly add up.

For our NY Brick & Brownstone program, here are the NYC boiler inspection requirements:

  • has 6 or more dwellings
  • has large hot water supply boilers/vessels (350,000+ BTU/Hr)
  • has heating boilers (100,000+ BTU/Hr)
  • is used for commercial purposes

If you fall within one of the above categories you MUST do the following

  1. Create an account at the DOB inspections portal.
  2. Provide the registered email address for this account to your Zurich Risk Engineering rep, who will continue to conduct annual boiler inspections on-site for all our NYC clients.

The completed NYC boiler inspection will be submitted online by the inspector, and you will need to submit the certificate fees through the web portal, in order to complete the process.