Water Conservation Tips for Buildings

Water Meter

It’s a no-brainer: Water=Life. We need it, we use it, but we have to conserve it better. Commercial and residential buildings can have a huge impact on water conservation with just a handful of low-cost or no-cost water solutions.

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Water Auditing to Assess Water Usage on Your Grounds


What if every time you filled a glass of water you threw half of it in your boss’s face? Well, that’d be bad! But that is kinda what happens with most landscaping water systems. Half the water that is being used to sustain the grounds around your building is being wasted. That’s straight from the…

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Making Every Day Earth Day at Your Hotel and Restaurant

Image Hands With The World Map Sky Background

Way back in the bell-bottom dark ages of 1970, a new day was born: Earth Day. Millions of people joined demonstrations that April 22 nearly fifty years ago to protest the deterioration of the environment. Oil spills, air pollution, not to mention toxic waste and wildlife extinction. Fast-forward to April 22, 2017: Earth Day organizers…

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Plug It In, Plug It In…Hotels Offer Electric Car Chargers

Electric Car

Electric cars. They’re quiet, they’re great for the environment, and they’re creating a clientele who seeks hotels where they can charge up their vehicles after check in. Eco-savvy travelers are often willing to pay a little extra so their BMW, Nissan Leaf, Honda EV, or top-of-the-line Tesla can get back in business without delay. And…

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Composting 101 for Hotels


Wait, wait, don’t throw out those coffee grounds! Welcome to hotel composting 101: where your hotel makes a good environmental impact and saves money to boot. Composting programs (for food and plant matter) at hotels can start in the kitchen and exterior grounds and travel all the way into guest rooms. That’s right. A luxury…

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All I Want For Christmas Is Some 3-D Food

Image Oranges D

3-D printers—they’re not just for making cool plastic things anymore. They’re for making dinner! That’s right 3-D food. Consider it the hospitality wave of the future that’s already lapping on some shores. Just take some pureed raw chicken, add in some vitamins, minerals, and veggies, and print out this liquefied form into any shape you…

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Trees Are the New Hotel

Photo Treehouses

It’s a tree. It’s a house. It’s a booked-from-your-phone luxury treehouse! There are a few fun factors at play here. Sustainability, luxury, and creativity all work together to create one of the hospitality industry’s coolest offerings: top-of-the-line treehouses.

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Sustainability, Innovation, and Helping the Homeless

Taking care of each other is a good thing. Re-purposing potential waste is a good thing. Finding a way to do both simultaneously is just about as good as it gets. That’s why we’re excited to share this article about a construction project underway right now in California that will convert used shipping containers into housing…

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What Will the Internet of Things Connect to Next?

Image Green Keyboard

An egg carton that digitally lets you know when to buy more eggs. A football helmet that reports head injuries immediately. An elevator that sends out an error message before anyone notices a problem. More and more people are living in a world where their coffee is ready before their feet even touch the kitchen…

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Lower Electrical Bill – Coming to a Home Near You?

It’s official – solar power isn’t just a passing fad. Solar panels are popping up on the roofs of residences across the U.S. and generating electricity for more homes as each year passes. As the solar revolution gains momentum, it is becoming more affordable to install a system that, long-term, saves you money. Plus, most…

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