Creative Ways Hotels Are Adapting to COVID-19

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Similar to the restaurant industry, COVID-19 hit the hotel industry hard, and recovery will not be quick nor easy. In an effort to keep their business afloat, several hotel chains and boutique locations have devised creative plans to continue welcoming guests. Here are a few ways that hotels are adapting to COVID-19.

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High Vacancy: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Hotel Industry

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No question, the hotel industry is among the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic along with the airline, travel and restaurant sectors. Hotels have been closed for months and millions of employees have been laid off and furloughed. According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, “leisure and hospitality” hotels in the U.S. are on…

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Preventing Legionella Before It Infects the Masses

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Legionnaires’ disease may not make front-page news every week, but when it hits a community, it can be devastating.  Hotels with pools and hot tubs, property owners with buildings that have cooling towers or fountains—and anyone nearby can be affected. If the naturally occurring bacterium Legionella gets out of balance, it can make people very…

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How Hotels Are Handling the Ban-the-Box Movement in Background Checks

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More than 150 cities and counties in 25 states across the country have adopted what is widely known as “ban-the-box” laws so that employers consider a job candidate’s qualifications first, without the stigma of a criminal record. More jurisdictions are also adopting policies in addition to ban-the-box, such as incorporating the best practices of the…

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Hotels Under Cyber Attack: IHG Data Breach

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The InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), which owns thousands of hotels worldwide, disclosed earlier this month that a credit card breach impacted at least a dozen of its properties. This is just the latest cyber attack that has hit some of the largest hotel and hospitality chains over the past years – from Kimpton Hotels to…

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What Will the Internet of Things Connect to Next?

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An egg carton that digitally lets you know when to buy more eggs. A football helmet that reports head injuries immediately. An elevator that sends out an error message before anyone notices a problem. More and more people are living in a world where their coffee is ready before their feet even touch the kitchen…

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More Fun in the Sun for Hotel Owners

Going solar: You can go big or you can go small. Baby-stepping into solar? Pick up a little solar generator to charge up your cell phone. Cue winking emoji. Looking for a mongo tax incentive? Go ahead and search Google images for “Mandalay Bay solar panels” to take a peek at a hotel industry leader…

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No one wants to read this story. It’s horrifying. The families involved are surely experiencing a pain that none of us should ever know. But there is a lesson to be learned. Actually, there are a couple. First and foremost, drunk or “buzzed” driving can take and ruin lives in a matter of minutes. No…

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Virtual Reality Customer Service Training

How cool is this? Some hotels are using Virtual Reality to train employees and wow investors. That’s right. Those goofy headsets aren’t just for gamers anymore. Simulating actual customer interactions and reactions as means of coaching employees through the customer service process is a hot new technology that well surely see more of in the…

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