Distinguished Adds Expertise With Two New Hires

Maryann Prestia Distinguished Programs

We are pleased to announce and welcome two new program management experts: Maryann Prestia, vice president program manager, primary programs, and Mary Genevich, senior underwriter, property and liability specialist. As Distinguished Programs continues to expand its real estate, hospitality, and casualty products, the expertise of these two industry veterans will boost our future development and current…

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It’s Time for a Revolution in Employee Motivation


TED talker Dan Pink is promoting a right-brain revolution in the business world. He challenges listeners to rethink how businesses motivate staff. Pink makes a strong argument for intrinsic versus extrinsic rewards. But how well would this approach work in traditional workplaces, and how can we incorporate his ideas into our own companies?

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Why in the World Do You Do That?


Why do you do what you do? Effective leaders can answer that question. And it’s their key to success. In a TED talk that’s been viewed almost 32 million times, leadership expert Simon Sinek uncovers what might be the world’s simplest idea.

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Givers Gonna Give, Takers Gonna Take


Are you a giver or a taker? Finding the balance between giving and taking is more important in the world of business than you might imagine. Recent research from organizational psychologist and Wharton prof Adam Grant is changing the way leaders view their workforce.

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A Sustainable Culture

Culture week. An opportunity for an organization to get together to share, learn, and grow to build a deeper connection to the core mission and values. We had ours last week, and it was great. Two full days of employee-led sessions on everything from stress management, communication, conflict resolution, to personal finance. We celebrated and…

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The Not-So-Hidden Value of Excellent Customer Service

Pretty striking numbers, aren’t they? The reality of customer service is this: There’s a danger of falling into a trap where customer service representatives view each interaction as only a task that needs to be completed. At Distinguished, we believe in treating each customer interaction as a chance to strengthen our relationship. 

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A Distinguishing Employee Benefit

At first glance, Distinguished doesn’t seem to share many similarities with companies like The Cheesecake Factory, REI, or General Mills. In fact, we are alike in one important way: We pay our employees to take vacation. Employees who have worked with Distinguished for seven years are eligible for a sabbatical—one month of paid leave to…

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Distinguished Timezones

Distinguished Offices

While most of our team are based in the Seattle area, our parent company employees teams across the globe.  Career paths that start in Washington state can lead in many directions.

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