Hotel Security Improved Since Vegas


Hotel security protocol has upped the ante in the nearly year and a half since the Mandalay Bay mass shooting in Las Vegas, which claimed the lives of 58 concertgoers at a nearby musical festival. Brooks Chase, president of Distinguished Specialty, was featured in Resort Trades, where he spoke to the changing landscape of the…

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What Hotels Can Learn from the Success of Airbnb


  Imagine you’re making vacation plans to explore a new city or country. Picture a comfy bed, a suggested guide to the city left on the bedside table, an eat-in-kitchen and a bathtub to soak in…Did you picture a hotel room or someone’s empty apartment? The hospitality industry is continuing to consider consumer preferences as Airbnb…

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Hotel Security Cameras: Now You See Me

Caught on Tape! (Or not) Now, Kim Kardashian West may not be renting one of your suites next month or booking a room at your hotel anytime soon, but her recent robbery is an example of lax security measures that resulted in a successful crime. This reality star diva was robbed at gunpoint, tied up,…

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Arlo Guthrie, Tesla, and Hotel Signage

Sometimes you need a trivia to start your day. So, what do folk artist Arlo Guthrie and the rock-band Tesla have in common? You guessed it. Hit songs. And now for the bonus points…hit songs that mention signs. Physical, posted-for-all-to-read signs, like the ones you may (or may not) have at your hotel.

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Risk Management: Keeping Hotel Guests Safe

Distinguished Programs Announces New Program with Core Specialty for Hotel General Liability Coverage | Distinguished Programs

The Erin Andrews case made headline news when a jury awarded the ESPN sportscaster $55 million in a lawsuit filed against the hotel as a result of its failure to reasonably safeguard her privacy and safety. This and other events are reminders to hotel owners and operators of their obligation to ensure the safety, security…

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