Water Conservation Tips for Buildings

Water Meter

It’s a no-brainer: Water=Life. We need it, we use it, but we have to conserve it better. Commercial and residential buildings can have a huge impact on water conservation with just a handful of low-cost or no-cost water solutions.

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Water Auditing to Assess Water Usage on Your Grounds


What if every time you filled a glass of water you threw half of it in your boss’s face? Well, that’d be bad! But that is kinda what happens with most landscaping water systems. Half the water that is being used to sustain the grounds around your building is being wasted. That’s straight from the…

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Mega-Drought Could Mean Mega-Problems

Water Conservation

Hey, hospitality industry—Did you know that the world water supply is projected to significantly decrease in the next fifteen years? The United Nations predicts a 40% increase in water scarcity by 2030. A mega-drought could equal mega-problems.

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California’s Drought, Our Shared Responsibility

Thanks to new water usage regulations in California, the state saved nearly 388 billion gallons of water between June 2015 and February 2016. That is enough water to supply nearly six million residents for a year. Although increased rain and snow levels helped to ease the water crises in California, it wasn’t enough to draw…

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