Desperately Seeking Sushi

Restaurant Gen Z

Generation Z (today’s teenagers) are already writing their personal ads for future restaurant visits: Single female seeking restaurant with tech options. Single male seeking good food and service. Seeking: an experience to capture, post, and repeat.

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Water Auditing to Assess Water Usage on Your Grounds


What if every time you filled a glass of water you threw half of it in your boss’s face? Well, that’d be bad! But that is kinda what happens with most landscaping water systems. Half the water that is being used to sustain the grounds around your building is being wasted. That’s straight from the…

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What Will the Internet of Things Connect to Next?

Image Green Keyboard

An egg carton that digitally lets you know when to buy more eggs. A football helmet that reports head injuries immediately. An elevator that sends out an error message before anyone notices a problem. More and more people are living in a world where their coffee is ready before their feet even touch the kitchen…

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Earth Month Spotlight: Hotels & Resorts

In celebration of Earth Day, we are dedicating the month of April to sustainability awareness in the industries we touch. Each week, we are going to take a look at how businesses are making a positive impact on the environment through both design and human behaviors, starting with the hotel and resort industry.

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