Real Estate Umbrella Insurance: A Primer for Brokers

Real Estate Umbrella Insurance For Brokers | Distinguished Programs

In 2020, the US experienced around 380,000 fires in residential buildings, including homes, multi-family homes, and apartments. Each one of those incidents could be grounds for litigation that cost property owners millions in damages. That’s why it’s important companies have robust and comprehensive insurance policies protecting them from fire and life safety suits, as well…

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The Importance of Program Stability in Real Estate Umbrella Insurance

Real Estate Umbrella Insurance Program Stability - Distinguished

The hard insurance market over the last several years has been characterized by rate increases, diminished capacity, and carriers exiting certain niche markets and lines of business. This has caused challenges for retail agents in finding a home for new business and renewals. Real Estate Umbrella insurance, like most product lines, hasn’t been spared from…

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The Case for Higher-Limit Real Estate Umbrella Insurance

Why you need higher limits in real estate umbrella insurance

Property owners face a number of exposures that could result in a catastrophic liability lawsuit, making the case for ensuring vigilant maintenance of safety and security measures and for purchasing higher-limit Real Estate Umbrella insurance. Exposures include attractive nuisances (such as open access to a swimming pool), elevator or escalator malfunction, insufficient security, negligent property…

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