Swimming Pool Safety Equipment and Spa Safety Measures

Pool Safety

While some community association pools remain closed, others are open, under new, socially distant protocol. Ensuring that residents are safe from COVID-19 is likely at the forefront of community association owners’ minds, but the possibility of an injury caused by unsafe pool and spa practices is still an important consideration. In addition to a full-coverage…

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How to Prevent Fraud in Your Community Association


What makes community associations a major target for fraud? To start with, it may be the misconception that only big businesses suffer from embezzlement or fraudulent practices. And when you factor in the self-managing nature of communities—and that neighbors typically trust neighbors—when money is stolen or mismanaged, it can lead to serious repercussions for everyone…

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High Cost of a Pool Claim

Life Preserver In Pool Scaled

For many, a community swimming pool is a small luxury that can bring family and friends together. But just like any other recreational area, there is always the risk of personal injury for those using the facilities. A pool claim can be costly to a community association. Emergency room visits for a near drowning victim can range…

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Tips for Service Animals and Restaurants and Hotels

Service Animal

Welcoming a hotel guest with a service animal may be as simple and check-in and check-out. Instituting a refresher on the legal do’s and don’ts of service animals can help hospitality sectors manage these helpful companions with ease. Below, we cover some of the basics of service animal protocol.

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