Up-and-Coming Employee Benefits

Having awesome employee benefits has always helped ease the 9 to 5. But as the standard 9 to 5 work routine changes with the times, so do the benefits. Up-and-coming benefits that attract quality employees—and help retain them—are all about making the work-life balance more flexible and forward-thinking. Flexible Scheduling The majority of office jobs…

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Can Stress Make You Stronger?


In a TED Talk that’s been viewed more than 13 million times, Kelly McGonigal has some compelling arguments about the evils of “stress.” She purports…drumroll, please…that stress can be good for you! Say what?

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Creating a Work-Life Balance That Works

Photo Balanced Pebbles Over Water

Work-life balance doesn’t have to be an oxymoron. Long hours, fixed schedules, different demands from guests, all while being part of a team that demands smooth operation 24/7 at Mach 1o speed? That sounds like the life of many in hospitality. Toss in peak season changes, staff shortages, training needs, and the varying range of employee…

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