Whitepaper – The Invisible Dangers of a Winter Wonderland

Photo Slip And Falls Snowy Sidewalk

Due to the increased risk of accidental slip-and-fall injuries that occur because of snow and ice along sidewalks, it is important for home and property owners to understand their responsibilities for the sidewalks adjacent to their properties. While different states have varied laws regarding the time frame for how quickly snow and ice must be…

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Whitepaper – If I Fought the Law, Would the Law Win?


Without a higher limit on their general liability, homeowners could be in for a world of hurt – the kind that affects the wallet. When it comes to who will be held responsible for accidental or negligent injuries, with regards to a homeowner’s property, the laws can be a tricky thing to navigate. With New…

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Dog Related Injuries and Homeowner Insurance Claims

Photo Beware Of Dog Sign

Ouch! More than four million people per year are treated for dog related injuries. Claims generated by bite victims and dog owners can impact property owners and homeowner’s associations as well.We love these poochie pals, but sometimes their bite is worse than their bark. To the tune of about $570 million, dog bites and other…

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