High Cost of a Pool Claim

Life Preserver In Pool Scaled

For many, a community swimming pool is a small luxury that can bring family and friends together. But just like any other recreational area, there is always the risk of personal injury for those using the facilities. A pool claim can be costly to a community association. Emergency room visits for a near drowning victim can range…

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Pool Safety: Pool Drownings Can Happen in A Flash

Swim Ring

More than 3,500 people – many of them children – drown each year in the U.S. and many more suffer serious, irreversible injury in near-drowning incidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Furthermore, for every fatal drowning incident involving a child 14 years old or younger, three children require emergency room…

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To Lift or Not to Lift? A New Dilemma for Your Resort’s Pool

When a hotel guest wants to unwind after a long day of meetings, a few laps in the pool is often the perfect place to retreat. However, this isn’t always an option for guests with disabilities. It’s worth evaluating your pool’s accessibility — as well as your company’s risk factors for litigation and its current…

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The Path to Pool Safety This Season

Pool season is here. Which means it’s time to invest in new sunscreen and pull those bathing suits out of storage. It’s also time for community associations and property owners to reassess pool safety, maintenance, and risk management. Most pool injuries are minor in nature, but some can result in broken limbs, head or spinal…

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Ask the Expert: Common Area Pool Safety Checklist

Pool season is almost upon us. Which means it’s time to invest in new sunscreen and pull the bathing suits out of winter storage. It’s also time to reassess pool safety, maintenance, and good risk management. Community associations bear responsibility for common pool areas, a value-added amenity that serves as a great benefit to residents,…

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