We Teamed Up with Zurich on Our New York Brick and Brownstone Program

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Distinguished Programs has forged a new affiliation with global insurance provider Zurich Insurance to underwrite our hallmark New York Brick and Brownstone program. With this new relationship, New York Brick and Brownstone will undergo changes to standardize its coverage and offerings to appeal to brokers who have a diverse portfolio of owner- and tenant-occupied properties located within…

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Camp-Out at the W New York

Glamping in the city for $2000/night? Oh, NYC. You just never run out of cool ideas. One of the most glamorous well-known boutique hotels is creating a camp-like atmosphere in the heart of Manhattan. The hotel owners are inviting guests to sleep outdoors in luxury “tents” on the rooftops of the building. Sound a little…

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A Boutique Cereal Restaurant Comes to Times Square

Times Square: The once seedy hub of adult entertainment in midtown is hardly recognizable as tourists make their way to a plethora of box chain clothing stores and restaurants. The newest addition: a niche self-branded restaurant to boost the sales of cereal for Kellogg’s — welcome, Kellogg’s NYC.

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