Addressing D&O Exposures of Nonprofit Board Members

Business Woman

D&O exposures of nonprofit board members include but are not limited to harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, inefficient administration, financial mismanagement, negligence and acts beyond the granted authority. Employment practices liability claims are the most common D&O claim of nonprofits. For example, a nonprofit terminated one of its executives because of multiple complaints of sexual harassment by employees. In…

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Pokémon GO Boosts Foot Traffic at Cultural Sites

The Pokémon GO game, a mobile location-based augmented reality game that’s centered around the popular 90’s game, has surged in popularity over the past week.  The game challenges users to get outdoors to explore, collect, and train Pokémon while finding items at PokéStops to give them a competitive edge — and explore they have. PokéStops…

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