Google Ads for Insurance Agents

Anthony Rosset R U Mho Unsplash Scaled

Although most customers purchase their policies directly through an agent, 74% of customers shop for an insurance policy online, using insurer websites or aggregators for obtaining quotes and researching information. When a customer needs to buy a new insurance policy, they will turn to Google, starting with a simple search and likely looking no further…

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Do Good and Raise Your Brand Awareness


Brand awareness describes a target audience’s familiarity with and recognition of a brand and its products. Establishing brand awareness is essential, as it increases understanding, trust, and recollection of a company among target demographics — ultimately increasing sales.

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Why in the World Do You Do That?


Why do you do what you do? Effective leaders can answer that question. And it’s their key to success. In a TED talk that’s been viewed almost 32 million times, leadership expert Simon Sinek uncovers what might be the world’s simplest idea.

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