Community Associations Stepping Up to Prevent Cybercrimes

Data Breaches X

While community associations may tend to focus on the physical, concrete issues pertaining to their communities, a community’s risks in cyberspace are gaining widespread attention. And it’s warranted—more than half of all malware attacks target small businesses. And with cybercrimes racking up $100 billion in damages annually, it’s more important than ever to safeguard the…

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How to Prevent Fraud in Your Community Association


What makes community associations a major target for fraud? To start with, it may be the misconception that only big businesses suffer from embezzlement or fraudulent practices. And when you factor in the self-managing nature of communities—and that neighbors typically trust neighbors—when money is stolen or mismanaged, it can lead to serious repercussions for everyone…

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Impact of Airbnb-Type Rentals on Condo Associations, HOAs

Many condo owners are using sites such as Airbnb, Homeaway, Vacation Rentals and VRBO as a way to monetize their assets. Yet while there are monetary benefits for condo owners in using these home-sharing sites, doing so poses significant risks to both the association and the condominium owner, including liability exposure, damage to common areas,…

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