Water Conservation Tips for Buildings

Water Meter

It’s a no-brainer: Water=Life. We need it, we use it, but we have to conserve it better. Commercial and residential buildings can have a huge impact on water conservation with just a handful of low-cost or no-cost water solutions.

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Mega-Drought Could Mean Mega-Problems

Water Conservation

Hey, hospitality industry—Did you know that the world water supply is projected to significantly decrease in the next fifteen years? The United Nations predicts a 40% increase in water scarcity by 2030. A mega-drought could equal mega-problems.

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What Will the Internet of Things Connect to Next?

Image Green Keyboard

An egg carton that digitally lets you know when to buy more eggs. A football helmet that reports head injuries immediately. An elevator that sends out an error message before anyone notices a problem. More and more people are living in a world where their coffee is ready before their feet even touch the kitchen…

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