Cyber Liability Insurance: A Quick Rundown from Distinguished

Why You Need Cyber Insurance

In 2023, the largest risk to global business wasn’t supply chain issues, energy shortages, or climate change — it was cybercrime. Cybercrime has quickly become a global menace for businesses that will cost companies an estimated $9.22 trillion in 2024.  Due to this growing vulnerability, it’s more important than ever that businesses and organizations protect…

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Why Cyber Insurance Is Critical for Limited-Service, Franchise Hotels’ Business Continuity

Why Cyber Insurance Is Critical for Limited-Service, Franchise Hotels’ Business Continuity | Distinguished Programs

Hotels are favorite targets of cybercriminals, who are upping their game with increasingly sophisticated tactics to breach and shut down networks, demanding a ransom to get a system back online, and duping employees into providing confidential data and wire transfer of money. According to Cornell University and Freedom Pay research, 31% of hospitality providers have…

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ProHost USA Acquired By Distinguished Programs

Restaurant Umbrella X Scaled

Our restaurant program just got a new addition to its menu! Distinguished Programs is excited to announce the acquisition of ProHost USA, a leading specialty insurance program in the hospitality industry. Based in Minneapolis, ProHost has a strong 30-year track record of providing tailored packages for family, fine dining, and fast casual restaurants as well as…

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Why Hotels Need a Cyber Insurance Policy


Having a separate Cyber insurance policy is vital to corporations that store any sort of customer data. Too often businesses mistakenly believe that their Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance will respond in the event of a data breach. This isn’t so as reflected by the latest case involving a Florida hotel group looking to its CGL policy…

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In the News: HEI Hotels Data Breach

Image Hotel In Front Of Hacked

According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report, the “Accommodations” industry topped the lists of number of security incidents and number of confirmed breaches with compromised data. One of the most recent victims was HEI Hotels & Resorts, an owner and manager of more than 50 high end hotel properties around the US. Franchisees are…

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