Community Association Insurance: The Who, What, and How for Brokers

Community Association Insurance: A Broker's Guide | Distinguished Programs

Community associations come in all shapes and sizes. However, no matter whether your client represents an HOA, a COA, or some other collection of letters, they’ll need community association insurance to keep them financially secure.  Insurance brokers who are working to grow their clientele need to understand who they’re selling to, what they want, and…

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Umbrella Insurance for Community Associations – Why You Need It Today

Why Community Associations Need Umbrella Insurance

In a highly litigious environment, umbrella insurance for community associations is crucial. It can often mean the difference between financial stability and ruin. Below, we review a few exposures and recent settlements where umbrella insurance can help. Defining Community Association Community associations include the following: The Role of the Board of Directors An association’s board…

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Why Community Associations Need D&O Insurance

Directors and Officers Insurance Examples - Distinguished

Community association boards and their members have broad fiduciary responsibilities. This leaves them vulnerable to liability lawsuits from both residents and employees. Additionally, board members are typically volunteers who don’t necessarily have the knowledge or experience regarding good governance. It creates an even greater risk of liability claims against these non-profit organizations. The need for…

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Swimming Pool Safety Equipment and Spa Safety Measures

Pool Safety

While some community association pools remain closed, others are open, under new, socially distant protocol. Ensuring that residents are safe from COVID-19 is likely at the forefront of community association owners’ minds, but the possibility of an injury caused by unsafe pool and spa practices is still an important consideration. In addition to a full-coverage…

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Covid and Swimming Pools at Community Associations

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Temperatures are rising and the summer heat has everyone looking for a reprieve at the beach or poolside, including at community associations where residents and their guests are accustomed to taking advantage of this cool, liquid amenity. But not all board members and property managers took the plunge and opened their pools at the same…

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When the Hoarding Hits the Fan


Hoarding. It can manifest in a few different ways, but the bottom line is clear: It’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The hoarder isn’t the only one at risk here, so are adjacent neighbors, property owners, and community associations. If a property owner or community association ignores a problem, they could be…

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