Hard Market Trends for Directors and Officers Coverage


When major conglomerate Pacific Gas and Electric filed bankruptcy (after fielding claims of negligence after the California wildfires this past fall), D&O coverage was caught in the spotlight. Claims against directors and officers are on the rise nationwide, and analysts are questioning how far the market for D&O coverage will harden.

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5 Years Later—5 Lessons We Learned from Hurricane Sandy

Photo Hurricane House Tipped Over

Five years ago, Hurricane Sandy blasted its way through the Caribbean and up the coast of the U.S., resulting in $70 billion in damages and 233 lives lost. When it hit the greater New York area at high tide, the storm surged and then moved slow, resulting in devastating damage. Hard truths were learned back…

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Snapshot: Florida and Rising Sea Levels

Rising Sea Levels

Sea levels are rising right before our eyes. Literally. Consider the floods from king tides in Fort Lauderdale (occurring without even a drop of rain) and the hundreds of millions spent to elevate roads in Miami Beach. Climate change is making its mark on Florida as each year passes. For both current property owners and…

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Insurers Addressing Impact of Extreme Weather

The issue of climate change is one on which the insurance industry is strongly focusing, particularly in the light of the severe weather that has devastated communities throughout the United States over the last several years. 2015 alone included 10 weather and climate disaster events across the U.S. that each exceeded $1 billion in damages.…

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