Can Stress Make You Stronger?


In a TED Talk that’s been viewed more than 13 million times, Kelly McGonigal has some compelling arguments about the evils of “stress.” She purports…drumroll, please…that stress can be good for you! Say what?

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Next Stop: Wellness

Photo Yoga On Beach Wellness

“Hi! I just checked in and I want to feel worse after I leave.” Said no hotel guest ever. In fact, the pendulum keeps swinging way over in the other direction and sticking there. Guests are not just looking for a clean, comfortable place to stay with restaurant options and proximity to destinations, they are actively…

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All I Want For Christmas Is Some 3-D Food

Image Oranges D

3-D printers—they’re not just for making cool plastic things anymore. They’re for making dinner! That’s right 3-D food. Consider it the hospitality wave of the future that’s already lapping on some shores. Just take some pureed raw chicken, add in some vitamins, minerals, and veggies, and print out this liquefied form into any shape you…

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