Whitepaper – The Invisible Dangers of a Winter Wonderland

Snowy Sidewalk

Due to the increased risk of accidental slip-and-fall injuries that occur because of snow and ice along sidewalks, it is important for home and property owners to understand their responsibilities for the sidewalks adjacent to their properties. While different states have varied laws regarding the time frame for how quickly snow and ice must be…

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We Teamed Up with Zurich on Our New York Brick and Brownstone Program

New York Brick and Brownstone

Distinguished Programs has forged a new affiliation with global insurance provider Zurich Insurance to underwrite our hallmark New York Brick and Brownstone program. With this new relationship, New York Brick and Brownstone will undergo changes to standardize its coverage and offerings to appeal to brokers who have a diverse portfolio of owner- and tenant-occupied properties located within…

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