Let's Narrow it down

Based on the information provided, it looks like it could fit into either our Community Associations Package or City Insurance Program. To help determine which is a better fit, choose based on the criteria below.

City Insurance Program

<100 units

Suitable for multi-family (apartments and brownstones), co-ops, condos, and mixed-use properties

Landlords and property owners

North Carolina - Apartments Only

Community Association Package

(Habitational Exposures)

100 – 500 units

2 – 500 units if ineligible for City Insurance Program. City Insurance Program eligibility

Suitable for Condos, Co-ops, Mixed-use Condos, Townhouses & Office Condos

Not available in California

Community Association Package

(Non-Habitational Exposures)

2 – 500 units

Suitable for HOAs/PUDs