Restaurant Delivery Driver Safety Measures

Restaurant Covid

The pandemic caused restaurant deliveries to surge in 2020. Sales for the U.S. food-delivery business were about $51 billion last year, increasing by $28 billion from 2019, according to a report commissioned by the Columbia Business School and Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. Using credit-card, geolocation, and restaurant-listings data, the report found that about $19…

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Charging Employees for a Case of the Dropsies? A South Carolina Restaurant’s New Policy is Now a Federal Case!

Have you ever cringed, (or if you’re into shadenfreuda, clapped) when you hear that big “crash” coming from the kitchen at restaurant? Now imagine the dishwasher, server or busser, often already making minimum wage, being charged for the broken dishes. Double cringe. A South Carolina restaurant is being sued for charging it’s employees from broken…

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