Plug It In, Plug It In…Hotels Offer Electric Car Chargers

Electric Car

Electric cars. They’re quiet, they’re great for the environment, and they’re creating a clientele who seeks hotels where they can charge up their vehicles after check in. Eco-savvy travelers are often willing to pay a little extra so their BMW, Nissan Leaf, Honda EV, or top-of-the-line Tesla can get back in business without delay. And…

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Fido Plus Your Hotel’s Pillows Equals….


We’re not sure how you feel about dogs in hotels, but what do you think about making sure homeless dogs get to sleep on those comfy hotel pillows? It’s not what it seems…it’s better! A Hilton hotel in West Chester, PA, recently adopted a protocol to donate its used hotel pillows to their local SPCA…

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Composting 101 for Hotels


Wait, wait, don’t throw out those coffee grounds! Welcome to hotel composting 101: where your hotel makes a good environmental impact and saves money to boot. Composting programs (for food and plant matter) at hotels can start in the kitchen and exterior grounds and travel all the way into guest rooms. That’s right. A luxury…

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