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General Questions.

Sometimes referred to as City Homes or Urban Homes, these are multi-family properties that range from two to 100 units. What makes them qualify? Their urban location — Boston, Philidelphia, Los Angeles, Chicago, — and the unique needs these types of properties.

What is the broker portal? What features are available?

The broker portal is an online platform where registered brokers and agents can quote, bind, and service accounts efficiently! For more information on all of the portal's capabilities, check out our Overview page.

Does each person in our office have their own login, or do we all share a login?
Each individual can opt to have their own or log in or logins can be shared. Everyone in your office will have access to all of your brokerage accounts with Distinguished. 
To see all accounts toggle to Agency View. From the account icon drop-down, click Personal View / Agency View and select Agency View.
What do we need to do to get appointed with Distinguished?

To get your brokerage appointed with us, click here.

Can our customers access the portal?

As a managing general agency, we work exclusively with brokers. Insureds are not able to access the portal.

How can we find the program we want on the portal?

Submit and service accounts for the following programs:

  • New York Brick & Brownstone
  • Builder's Risk
  • Vacant Building
  • Community Association Umbrella
  • Directors and Officers
  • Crime
  • Real Estate Umbrella
  • Limited Service Hotels
  • City Homes

Don't see the programs you want?

Don't worry! We have them. It's just that they currently utilize a different application method. Click on the links below to submit:

Is the broker portal only available during business hours?

It's the Internet! It works 24/7.

Portal Questions.

What's the quickest way to turn around a submission or an endorsement?

Using the online portal is the quickest way to make changes to a policy or to submit new business. If eligible, you can bind these transactions on the spot. Here is a quick guide to help you the next time you need to submit an endorsement.

Why was my submission referred?
If you'd like more detail on why your submission was referred, you can reach out to your underwriter.
Can access my submission after it has been submitted? Can I find policies that are already bound?
Your dashboard houses all of your open submissions, quotes, and policies. You can use the filters to narrow down to a particular group, or you can use the search function at the top of the page to find a specific account.
Can I edit a submission I've already quoted?
Yes, you can use the edit button to revise your submission.
How can I get alternate options for limits/deductibles?
You can change and quote different limits and deductibles on the pricing and options page of the submission.
Why is the system slow today?
The spinning wheel you might see on the page means that our system is processing any changes that may have been made on the account. It is actively determining eligibility, altering values, and seeking out any credits available for the risk. It's working to find the best price available!
Can I download policy documents on the portal?
Yes, you can now instantly access documents through the Broker Portal. Open any account, click “All Documents” and you’ll find a list of documents. Here is a quick guide to help you the next time you need a document.
Where can I find information for a specific policy?
We've streamlined our design so that any information you'll need on a specific account can be found on the policy summary screen, including a list of transactions, coverage limits, and downloadable policy documents.
How can I find a specific policy or submission?
All of your submissions, quotes, and active policies can be accessed using the portal! You can use the filters on the Dashboard to narrow down to the relevant records, or you can use the search bar at the top of the screen to find a specific account.
I would like to bind a quote! Can I do this online?
Yes! Once a formal quote is issued and the status is 'bindable,' you will be able to bind the account directly from the policy summary screen or the dashboard.
I'd like to access a policy that wasn't bound using the portal. Can I still find it online?
We use the portal to rate and service most of our programs, so even if you submitted a paper application or bound a policy via email, the account will be available on the portal! Click here to see a list of programs that are currently supported on the portal.
What is the status of my submission?
Click on the "I" button in the orange box of a submission to get more information on the status of the submission.
I think I've done business with Distinguished Programs before. How can I find out if I am still registered?
Contact your sales representative to check on the status of your appointment. If you don't know who your sales rep is, click here.
What do I do if I forget my password?
No problem. It happens all the time! Click here to reset your password.
Who do I contact if I have a question?
You can contact one of our customer care specialists via instant message, email: service@distinguished.com or phone: 888.355.4626
I entered my correct password but I can't log in. What do I do?
If you run into an error while logging in, first try resetting your password via the forgot password tool Click here. If you are still having problems, please contact one of our customer care specialists via instant message, email: service@distinguished.com or phone: 888.355.4626
What happens if I run into an error while submitting an application?
Oh, we know that can be frustrating. Please hang in there! Take a screenshot or make a note of the specific error message you received, and what you were doing when it occurred, and contact a customer care specialist with that information. They'll help you find a solution!
I ran into an error. Is my submission saved?
Yes! The portal automatically saves your inputs as you work on a transaction, so even if you run into an error, you won't lose any work. Simply re-open your submission via the dashboard (searching for the named insured or reference number) to pick up where you left off.
Which devices and browsers can I use to access the portal?
The portal is accessible on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Any browser will work, but Google Chrome provides the smoothest experience.
My page isn't loading the way it normally does. What should I do?
If the screens appear to be loading incorrectly, try clearing your browser cache using the following instructions here.
How do I configure my browser to work with the portal?
Your browser settings may be incompatible with our site. Try adding Portal.Distinguished.com as a "trusted domain." Instructions for doing that are here. If you're still having issues, contact the customer care center email: service@distinguished.com or phone: 888.355.4626

Accounting Questions.

What are my billing options? Can I choose agency or direct billing?

Most of our programs are agency billed only. We do, however, support direct billing for our Vacant Building, Builder's Risk, and Re-Modeler's Risk programs. You can choose this option on the pricing and options page before binding.

Is commission included in the premium?
The best way to determine the commission percentage on your account is to check the individual invoice. You can access all of your invoices on our Accounting Statement report.
How do I change my commission?
Our standard broker commission is 10%. We offer NET quotes for some Specialty division products. If you would like to discuss options, please contact your underwriter directly.
How do I find out the overall balance for my office? Is there a way to view outstanding payments and credits as well?

You can find your overall balance and view outstanding payments and credits by using our Accounting Statement report. See our Reports Tutorial to help you get started.

Can I pay my bill online?

We currently accept online payments for agency billed and direct billed policies. The link to pay online can be found on the invoice. To view the invoice, navigate to the policy summary screen and use the attachments tab. Invoice Document Retrieval Guide

Can I check to see if payment has been received?

Yes! Your Accounting Statement report has a search function that allows you to look up a specific policy and find out if anything is owed. See our Reports Tutorial to help you get started. If you sent payment and the policy still shows as unpaid, we are likely still awaiting receipt. If it shows as paid, job well done! If you have any questions about your payment, don't hesitate to contact us via email: service@distinguished.com or phone: 888.355.4626.

Why do some of the amounts on my accounting statement have parentheses around them?
Parentheses indicate a credit on your statement. If you'd like the credit applied to another account or refunded back to you, please send a request to service@distinguished.com and we'll take care of it for you.

Claims Questions.

Can I obtain loss runs from the portal?

We are working on providing loss runs on the portal. In the meantime, please send your request for loss runs to dpgclaims@distinguished.com.

If there are any other features you'd like to see available/improved, please use the suggestion box to share your thoughts!

Where do I submit a claim?

We're sorry your insured has had a claim, but we're happy to help. Please submit the claim directly to the carrier on the policy. The instructions for submitting your claim can be found on your individual policy. A listing of each of our carrier's claim reporting addresses can be found here.

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