Hotel Umbrella FAQ: Why Is Distinguished’s Master Policy Effective Date Different From The Insured’s?

Distinguished’s Hotel Umbrella Insurance program offers high-limit protection tailored to the unique needs of hotel properties. With coverage extending to over 20% of the nation’s hotel rooms, Distinguished brings unmatched expertise and stability to the table. Hear from Umbrella Underwriter, Ami Scribner, as she delves into a common Hotel Umbrella question: “Why is Distinguished’s master policy effective date different from the insured’s?” Our expert underwriters are dedicated to guiding you and your clients, ensuring world-class service and coverage every step of the way.


Hello everyone, I’m Ami Scribner, Senior Underwriter with over 20 years of experience in the Express Hotel Umbrella Program at Distinguished.  Today, we’re going to address a common question: Why is the effective date of Distinguished Program’s master policy different from that of the Insured? Let’s dive in. 

The master policy is issued under the name of the Purchasing Group.  It runs for a two-year period, allowing members to purchase their own Certificate with an annual policy term.  

You might have also noticed that the master policy has a different Named Insured. This is because it’s a Purchasing Group (PG) policy.  A Purchasing Group is formed in compliance with the Risk Retention Act of 1986, allowing insureds engaged in similar businesses or activities to purchase insurance coverage collectively.  Individual accounts become members of the Purchasing Group.   

Now, let’s talk about policy limits.   

You can easily locate your policy limits on your Certificate under the section titled “Applicable Limits of Insurance and Participating Insurers.” And for those wondering about separate limits for each certificate holder, refer to the Risk Purchasing Group Amendatory Endorsement XS-53963 for detailed information.  Each account has its own dedicated limits that are not shared with other members of the Purchasing Group.  

I hope this clarifies why there might be differences in effective dates and other policy details between the master policy and individual insured policies. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks for watching! 

About Ami:

Ami Scribner is a senior underwriter at Distinguished with over 20 years experience in the Express Hotel program. In the past year alone, she has reviewed over 500 accounts for Express Hotel Umbrella. Beyond her professional achievements, Ami is also a Poshmark Ambassador since 2019, boasting a follower count of over 39,000. She is based in New York.

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