Managing Modern Threats with Deadly Weapons Protection

Deadly Weapon attacks have become far too common in America, with shootings making the headlines almost every week. People intent on inflicting harm, however, are not limited to guns. Those who want to cause violence will, and they will use everyday items such as knives and vehicles to achieve their ends. Unlike other risks facing businesses, armed assailants are difficult, if not impossible, to defend against. Implementing security protocols is a good start, but nothing is foolproof. If an organization lacks insurance and someone gets injured in an attack, the fallout can be financially crippling.

What is a Deadly Weapons Event?

A deadly weapons event is an incident involving an individual or group of people actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people using a deadly weapon at a location of the insured. Deadly weapons events are more than just firearm incidents; they also include incident involving knives, medical instruments, explosive devices, syringes, corrosive substance, vehicles, and any other device used to deliberately cause death or bodily injury.

Claims Scenarios

To get a better sense of deadly weapons protection, it helps to understand things that might constitute claims. Distinguished’s deadly weapons carrier has come up with examples of incidents that their product has been designed to cover:

  1. Disagreement in a casino: A disagreement over a card game at a casino results in one of the players drawing a gun and firing at their opponent with bystanders being hit by stray shots.
  2. Syringe rage in a shopping mall: A homeless drug addict who takes exception to being moved on by security personnel in a shopping mall reacts by using a used syringe to attack families passing by.
  3. Acid attack in a bar: A jealous woman throws acid at her ex-boyfriend and new partner on the crowded dance floor of a nightclub soaking those around in the process.
  4. Disgruntled ex-employee: Having been sacked the previous day, a humiliated administrative worker returns to the office brandishing a hunting knife and, in front of his former colleagues, screams a stream of threats at the supervisor.
  5. Automobile rampage at a school: A former pupil who had been bullied while at high school seeks revenge by driving a car at a group of students one morning as they arrive for the start of classes.

Gun Violence is Pervasive

On average, there is more than one gun violence incident in the US every ten minutes, with an average of 227 incidents, 53 deaths, and 108 injuries per day. Many industry settings are vulnerable to active shooter events. Commerce, such as retail, foodservice, and entertainment venues, and education are the most likely to be targeted, but others, such as places of worship and healthcare facilities are no strangers to gun violence themselves.

Among all the locations of shootings, there is one commonality: securing the location is hard, especially with high numbers of people present each day. For this reason, the best thing an organization can do to mitigate the risk of a malicious attack is to purchase Deadly Weapons insurance and take the necessary security precautions.

Talk to your clients about their deadly weapons attack concerns, and contact a Distinguished insurance expert with any questions that may arise.